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Author Topic: DCS-933L - Firmware v1.07b01 Comments & Observations  (Read 7764 times)


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Re: DCS-933L - Firmware v1.07b01 Comments & Observations
« Reply #15 on: March 18, 2015, 12:22:45 PM »

Having returned home after a week away and rebooted everything I now seem to be getting better results (or maybe I just have a clearer expectation!).  I have some questions that the manual and FAQs do not answer and would much appreciate clarification from any kind forum member.
1.  What is the camera response time to detect motion?  I had presumed that it was almost instantaneous but I now suspect that it is very slow, unless the image change is very large.
2.  Just what does 'Sensitivity' mean as a setting for the DCS933L?  I gather that higher means more sensitive, but just what does 90% represent?  90% of what?
3.  If I choose a larger active area does this in effect reduce Sensitivity, in the sense that any change in the image is then a smaller proportion of the active area and so less likely to be seen as motion?  This obviously relates to question 2 above.  I had hoped that controlling the active area was simply a means of eliminating false detections but I now wonder whether it isn't more complicated than that.
4.  What UPnP and UPnP Port Forwarding settings are normally used?  I am using a BT HomeHub2 router with an ADSL2+ feed and although this works it has just been trial and error and I dislike that.  Is port forwarding actually necessary with this camera or does it use some other trick to send video to the outside world?

Any guidance much appreciated (and if Mr D-Link is noticing perhaps he could add it to his manual!).
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