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Rev A1
Shipping FW v1.00
Red Case Edition - NA Region only!

The new DIR-890L arrived.  ;D

The routers web UI page is based off of the DIR-880L which can be seen here:

Official DIR-890L emulator can be found here:

Official support site is located here:

The Package

Power Brick - 12v 5a

Size Comparison




New Features
Smart Connect - Enable Smart Connect to allow the router to automatically assign your wireless clients to the best available wireless band. When enabled, the 2.4GHz
and both 5GHz bands will have the single Wi-Fi SSID name and password.

3 Separate WiFi Radios
1x 2.4Ghz with 600Mbps on N mode
2x 5Ghz with 1300Mbps on AC mode each

6 adjustable non-detachable antennae

WikiDev Specs:

What is Smart Connect Technology?

Users can disable Smart Connect to help troubleshoot wireless device connection problems.

A friend of mine came over yesterday. Wanted to check out the new router. Be brought his new Galaxy phone over. Wanted to test the range of the router with his phone. He walk up the street about 150-200 yards. Came back and said he got 3 bars before loosing single at the max distance. Was able to surf and do anything with 3 bars. I had the router running with Smart Connect enabled. I don't know what frequency he was on while up the road. He just said he was amazed at the range.  ;D He's gonna get one.

FCC Review:

WAN and LAN Connection Rates and ISP Speeds FAQ


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