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D-Link Blog:

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The DIR-890L came in #2 on smallnetbuilder:

FYI, the cons listed on on the review:
No WPS controls - WPS is now handled automatically since WPS security problems were resolved. So D-Link may have taken a simplified use of WPS instead of having user controls.
No wireless bridge modes - Bridge mode is not supported on this model router, rather wired AP mode is the supported feature they chose to go with.

Also the "Important note: You need 3x3 AC1900 class devices to achieve the maximum link rates stated above. The only AC1900 client you can buy is ASUS' PCE-AC68 PCIe desktop board. Most mobile devices are AC580 or N150 (1x1) and support much lower maximum link rates." - This information is incorrect, the DIR-880L 1900AC is also 3x3 MIMO router which also supports Bridge mode.

Now #1:


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