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Disable Recording/Motion Detection via Script?

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Is there a chance to control the Webcam via script?

I am using a Home Automation System and I want to send an disable command when I am at home and reenable it when i am not at home.

I also am interested in this function.

This is an old post but  still valid.

Based on internet search , I was abe to ( perhaps ) find the HTTP command to enable/disable motion detetion from an App :

http://IP camera:port/config/motion.cgi?enable=yes&user=xxx&password=xxx
http://IP camera:port/config/motion.cgi?enable=no&user=xxx&password=xxx

Bu the App replies --->  Please enter correct account/password.

The proble is that them API document for this 942L amera is unavailable in the Dlink support site as per my search.

Please any advice for the correct synax ?

Found the correct syntax pour the camera user identification :

http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/config/motion.cgi?enable=yes  (enable)
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/config/motion.cgi?enable=no (disable)

FINALLY i found all the correct sintaxt thanks to this forum (and some work).

http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/mot_detect.cgi

enable motion:
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/mot_detect.cgi?enable=1

disable motion:
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/mot_detect.cgi?enable=0

Send Snapshot
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/adv_snapshot.cgi

enable snapshot
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/adv_snapshot.cgi?enable=1

disable snapshot
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/adv_snapshot.cgi?enable=0

Send Videoclip
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/adv_videoclip.cgi

enable sending videoclip
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/adv_videoclip.cgi?enable=1

disable sending videoclip
http://USER:PSSWORD@IP CAM:PORT/eng/admin/adv_videoclip.cgi?enable=0

All working perfectly, also on smartphone :)
Now... how i can make a beautiful app that include all commands?

Thanks forum

A dedicated app is fine but links in smartphone home also works well ;)


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