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mydlink.com - How do I remove a device from my mydlink account?


D-Link devices associated with a mydlink account can be removed from mydlink using the following procedure.


[*]Visit mydlink.com from a PC browser
[*]Sign into mydlink using your designated email and password
[*]Select the device to be removed
[*]If the device is online: select Settings > More Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, and press the Remove Device button
[*]If the device is offline: press the Delete Device button on the bottom right corner of the page
[*]Follow the instructions after pressing either "Remove Device" or "Delete Device"

Note: If the Delete Device button is not visible on-screen, try reducing the browser window zoom level (e.g. 70%). If the browser window has a high zoom level and the monitor size and resolution are low, the Delete Device button may be out of view for some users.


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