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Good morning (UK time) and help, please.

My new DPR-1061 connects to my home LAN (as .9), can be accessed & configured via my browser (FireFox 33.0 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS). It recognises my Canon MP600 on both USB 1 & 2, but will not print the test page !. The printer works OK direct from the PC.

Any clues, or sensible links to some solutions.



* What Hardware version is your print server? Look at sticker under the router case.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the print servers web page under status.
Has a factory reset been performed?
Are you following the user manual to perform a test page?

Thanks Furry  ;)

H/W:  A3
F/W:  1.05
Factory re-set:  Done
Test Print: attempted via the install CD & browser, several times.
UnPNP: enabled/disabled on both the PS & Router (Netgear VMDG490-2ac) in various combinations.
Print driver deleted-reinstalled-deleted from the PC, Ubuntu 14.04LTS.
IP addr. tried as DHCP x.x.x.9 and static default x.x.x.10

MacADDR: added as a reservation to the Router (both .9 & .10), although it fails to display as connected in the Router tables !.

Ya, if you use a static IP address for the printer and or the print server, Don't set a reservation on the router. It's not needed.
Any chance of testing a different printer with this print server?

I'll sort out another printer, might even have an old parallel port one to hand !.

I'll also try using the DPR-1061 from my legacy WinXPv3 installation. Frustrating though !.


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