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can't use the dpr1260 ith brother???


did try to install the brother dcp 9020 on usb and printserver ( lan/wan is on other network installed) and it doesn't work.
he can find the printer part, not the scanner part.

never did upgrade the firmware, don't know if that solves the problem.

anyone who has tried a multifunctional  with the 1260?

tnx in advance.
was thinking of using the dir635 as a wireless hub , but just found out in another topic that the function isn't available there any more, so back to the 1260

Some multi function printers may not work well with print servers as they only service the print fuction and not any scanner for fax features. I recommend contacting the Mfr of the printer and ask then on what can be used for a print server or connections to share if it's supported on that device.


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