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Hi everyone,
I have 2 DPR-1061 print servers which are not seen on the network and the LAN LED is not on.
I have followed the instructions on how to set it up but no joy.

We do have a older one works so I know it should work on our network

Are the power adapters working? Check the power plugs for correct voltages.

Have you performed a reset with the button?

I have the correct adapters and done a re-set.
As soon as i connect to the network and connect power the unit goes and does its self test but then the network LED goes out and it is not seen on the network.

Swap out LAN cables and try these on a different router or switch?

I have checked the cables and that has not made no difference.
I have noticed one thing. When I have used the D-Link PS-Link software to set it up manually it says the IP address is (DHCP failure) while the print server that is working says (DHCP). I have tried to set it to the same as the working one but it keeps re-setting to the IP address when I use DHCP and not letting me keep 192.168.16.xx.
I'm guessing this is the reason why its not seen on the network but can work out how to get it to keep the setting I want
Hope this makes sense.


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