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Unable to access when in 3G/4G

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--- Quote from: Kakashi::. on September 02, 2014, 04:08:18 PM ---
--- Quote from: staifer on August 29, 2014, 07:14:11 AM ---My DIR-506L is working just fine in regards to 3G/4G dongle and access to internet through wifi. But I'm unable to access the internet and the router itself through Ethernet port.

Checking the logs I got this specific line:

 commander: Ethernet port configuration: Configured as WAN

Is it possible to have the Ethernet port as a LAN, routed to internet like the wifi interface?

Mine is DIR-506L; H/W: A2; F/W: 2.14;

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The DIR-506L does not supports the Ethernet port flip to LAN port. That is a WAN port and that's all there is to it...

Now, regarding the support for your modem ZTE MF190, if the network is a WCDMA/HSPA type it should work, I'm looking to see if there is a way to make it clear with the local support in your region. It may take some time.
We support this mobile router model for US customers, unfortunately dongle support is not defined by modem model only, it must also include the service network type. I may be able to get more information regarding it's support for this specific model, so stay tuned.

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Thank you for the support.

Let imagine that I need to provide Internet to a TV that doesn't have wifi support, but it has an Ethernet port for that. May we have an improvement regarding the LAN feature in a near future? Today I need a router client connected wirelessy to DIR-506L just for that.

If your using the 506L as your main host router, maybe connecting a DAP-1360 or 1522 in bridge mode would be a suggested solution to review. You can connect any LAN wired device to the DAP in bridge mode.


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