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505L, 506L, or 510L


Hello- Ok, I'm confused (nothing new).

Question: Which product fits best: 505, 506, 510?
Scenario (sort of unusual): Planning on setting up a very basic network file sharing server (NAS). There will be 13 laptops that are going to connect to the dlink device, but with very very limited use. They are each going to open and excel document and save every now and then. These excel docs are no bigger than 3MB or so. No media, nothing wild. There will also be no internet connection. Basically, the dlink device would need to act as a hub with a usb stick attached. BTW- I'm looking at mobile routers because I would be traveling with this setup quite often. But, if you strongly recommend a larger router, let me know. I might be able to fit it in the case (might).

So, which dlink device is best for this and will the PCs be able to open the excel files via SMB (or IP) without having to download the files via some web interface? Any insights would be awesome.



* What region are you located?
I would think any of these would work ok for sharing basic level files.

Only big differences is features like battery charging is only on the 506L/510L. You get AC wireless modes on the 510L. The L models you can access some features remotely using web based browser or client hw apps for phones.

You may want to compare the specs and feature listed on the product pages for each of these models and see what best suits your needs and configuration...

Let us know what you decide...

Hello- This is helpful. Thank you. Think I'll go with the 505. I need to buy 100 of them so this $ savings will be nice.


Wow, 100. LOL.

Let us know how it goes. Come back and visit in you need help and information.

Good Luck.


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