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DNS-325/345 - Surveillance Center v2.02 Posted!!!


D-Link released v2.02 of the Surveillance Center Add-on, enabling support for many of the new D-Link Cloud cameras and support for Chrome and Firefox.

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Surveillance Center v2.02 Release Notes

[*][New Feature] New Cameras Supported: DCS-2132L, DCS-931L, DCS-933L, DCS-5010L, DCS-5020L, DCS-2310L, DCS-2332L, DCS-6010L, DCS-7010L
[*][New Feature] Supports generic D-Link model which complies NIPCA protocol
[*][New Feature] Added storage usage status chart
[*][Enhancements] Compatible with Chrome and Firefox browser on Windows platform
[*][Enhancements] Remember previous position in Playback view
[*][Enhancements] Update camera list UI in "Camera setup", "Audio and video", and "Recording Setup"
[*][Enhancements] Administrator can see camera password
[*][Bug Fix] Reduced occasional noise on video recording


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