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Turn Off LED's?

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DIR-880L Black, Hardware A1, Firmware 1.01B09

What region are you located?

What does the user manual say about LED and activity?

--- Quote from: wubing on July 03, 2014, 09:43:59 AM ---DIR-880L Black, Hardware A1, Firmware 1.01B09

--- End quote ---

NA region. Never read manual for this section, the LEDs are self explanatory. But manual said solid. :'(

D-Link as been moving away from blinking activity on LED in there latest routers. Not sure why. I think it's going along with the more simplistic approach on there FW as well. I would like to see some level of troubleshooting ability with blinking and connection rates which would help in some areas. Overall, if it's not working then we can figure it out I guess using other means.

Too bad. I like blink any LEDs in my room, otherwise they can stay at basement.


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