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setting up NAS recording


Hi has anyone tried setting up NAS recording on the this Cam? I have a NAS4FREE box setup which I use to share files and I am trying to get the camera to write video files to it with no luck. The test at the settings page always fails. I put in the same credentials and folder routes as I did with my other PCs but the test never passes. Do I have to fill out the WINS section too, I ask because I did not see any mention of it in the Dlink help section.


Well its been a while sense my last post and no one seems to know the solution to this problem. I have played around with both NAS and FTP recording and none of them work. I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to use either option with dlink cameras. I suggest you not bother with those options since I have tried many other forums and their seems to be no solution to this. I did purchase a dlink NVR and that obviously works, but that is to be expected. Still very disappointed for having to purchase extra hardware for recording videos but guess that's how Dlink likes to make its money. 

NAS recording works, as does creating a local recording and FTP'ing it to a remote server. 

Why don't you share details of your settings and what you have attempted, so we can see what might be wrong.

yup, NAS recording works for me too.  Leave WINS blank and use the IP address of the NAS (not the name of the device) as the path.


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