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New DCS-2330L has no ePTZ!


Anyone know why there is no ePTZ control on this new camera?

Nothing on MyDlink (no buttons) at lower band.
Controls that are in Larger circle on IE and Chrome do nothing and no saved image setup.

Support is stumped. Still original firmware and a reflash did no goodness..

Doctor Doom:
To setup ePTZ on the mydlink HD cameras, you need to do the following:

- Log into the camera webGUI (either by IP or via mydlink/advanced settings)
- Go to setup/audio and video
- Under the profile you wish to use, set the window area LOWER than the frame size
- Save settings
- Go back to live video and then the ePTZ controls will be available and functional

The ePTZ controls will be available through the webGUI and the DVR's. It won't be functional via mydlink or the mydlink apps.

Why won't this be fixed? It's great you figured this out as even Level two technicians had no idea for the last month. Guess 1/2 the viewing area is better then the whole thing but then not much left to pan to...

Thanks for helping tech support. Your tip worked.


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