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Cannot get Internet connection with UML290

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My Pantech UML290 is on the supported USB modems list, but it doesn't connect to the Internet.  It just keeps saying "connecting" on the status page.  I tried with Firmware 2.15 (though I am going to try with firmware 2.13).

Any tips to get this to work?


* What region are you located?
* Was a Factory Reset performed before and after any firmware updates then set up from scratch? FW Update Process


I am in the United States.

I did not perform a factory reset, though moving from 2.15 to 2.13 may have done the trick, as it reset my settings.

Hmm... 2.13 doesn't seem to have the 3G/4G Modem options...

I moved back to 2.15 since 2.13 doesn't have the 3G/4G modem option and I ran into some bug where it wouldn't let me log in to the admin panel.


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