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The mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W215) is designed with features that are unmatched in the market today, including the ability to turn devices attached to the DSP-W215 on and off via a schedule and retrieve information such as power usage and on/off status. Equipped with a thermal sensor, the DSP-W215 provides an additional level of protection against devices causing overheating to the electrical wiring. Consumers in the market for a smart plug look for a dependable device with remote accessibility using their smartphone. Designed using the free mydlink™ service and platform, the DSP-W215 is part of the integrated mydlink Connected Home solution which includes routers, cameras, storage devices and home automation sensors.


The DSP-W215 combines a simple and compact design for flexible placement without obstructing outlets or getting in the way of furniture and features an open facing three ****g socket to control any connected appliance or device. The WPS button is located on the side for convenient and easy connection via Wi-Fi connection to a router. The DSP-W215 incorporates Wi-Fi for easy connection to a router without the need for an extra gateway device or proprietary wireless connection. With the integrated thermal sensor, the DSP-W215 provides a unique solution to prevent damage due to abnormal usage or unpredicted disaster based on devices that overload the home electrical wiring.


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