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Newbie with a question about my DCS-233OL

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Hello! I believe my 233OL is set up correctly. Ran the install from my iMac/10.9.2. I have both Motion and Sound triggers turned on and I have an excellent daytime "HD" picture and a pretty decent black and white night time image. I also have both the D-Link Lite and the D-Link + apps on my iPhone and IPad .My problem is that the "Triggers" aren't working....I can only watch live views. I am not getting any recorded clips of a previous triggered event, which obviously is what we want!!!!! I previously had a neat little "inexpensive" Dropcam camera ( it melted in a light fixture..another story) that flawlessly notified me of any event along with.....the Video event!!! Which I am not getting now. What am I doing wrong?
*****Appreciate any help I can get, thanks Bill

Doctor Doom:
Events can be triggered based on software motion, PIR motion or sound. What you want the camera to do when an event is triggered is also another thing to consider. Best way is to log into your camera and specifically tell the camera what to do when something happens. The manual way has a lot more flexibility on configuration options.

This link should help. Read and follow the section for the DCS-2332L-6010L-7010L

Once you have gone through it and still have issues you might want to specify what you want to do with the recorded clips (record to SD, email, send to FTP) and your settings. I would also advise working with one event at a time until you get it working before tackling another one.

Thanks Doc, making a bit of progress...So I am filling out the Alerts and Notification panel and after I have put in my User name and password, I am prompted for my "Server Address". Where can I find this info.......thanks, Bill

*****I put in    SMTP.gmail.com  Is this correct?

Doctor Doom:
off the top of my head if you are referring to Gmail's SMTP server yes, it should be smtp.gmail.com. The port use 465 or 587. The 465 is for SSL and the 587 is STARTTLS. Gmail requires encryption to my knowledge so you will need to try either port 465 or 587 and test.

So I have "Moton Detection checked on my devices.

In EVENT SETUP under Server Name...I have put in (Email Server)

Under EMAIL Sender and Recipient...I have put my (email address)

Server Address is (Smtp.gmail.com)
User Name, is (blank)...although I have my password below it. *I have tried my user name also...

The Port is 465 which matches my iPhone and iPad, also tried 587
I am using Safari because of the Firefox Java issues BUT....when I push TEST, it fails and I have no motion detection trigger working. Bill


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