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what to do with DGL4300


Just got my DGL 4300 working again after the wan port would not be recognized by modem.

I already purchased a DGL 5500 as a replacement.

So what should I do with the 4300?

Keep it for a back up router in case something happens with the 5500. You can still use it as a router if need be, you could even install a DIR-868L in wired AP mode as an upgrade to WiFi for it.  ;)

Any problems if i configure the 4300 as a repeater/AP?

You can do this:
 Turning a router into an AP.

Repeater is not supported.

You'll just need to make sure that if you run 2.4Ghz on the 5500 and the 4300, that they are on separate channels and I'd use single mode N on the 5500 as so you won't cause any interference between the 5500 and the 4300 using G mode. As the 4300 only supported G mode if I'm correct?


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