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DNS ShareCenter - IE11 Not Fully Compatible with All ShareCenter Functionality


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) may not be fully compatible with the current firmware version of all D-Link ShareCenter models. As such, accessing the D-Link ShareCenter web user interface (web UI) from IE11 may result in some functionality not working as expected. Examples of this behavior may include firmware update failures and specific user interface components not displaying properly.


Potential workarounds:

[*]Use compatibility mode in IE11 and see if the problem persists
[*]Disable installed browser security-related add-ons (e.g. No Script and Ad-Block) or add an exception within the add-on that will exclude the D-Link ShareCenter web UI (i.e. IP address)

If neither of these options resolves the issue, then try a different web browser  to access the D-Link ShareCenter web UI:

[*]IE10 or earlier (best known solution)
[*]Firefox (may have dependencies on Java configuration)

As a safety precaution, a compatible browser version should always be used for performing critical functions.


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