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dcs3710 whith skype


sorry for my bad English

I would like to use my dsc-3710 with external soft, like Skype or VLC

how can I do that ?

thanks for your help

I found this directShow filter :
(free, at bottom of the page)

with it camera appears as an available device by other programs, but it does not work properly, and the fps is low
may be that there is a dlink filter ?

That's a great find. We maintain a list of third party applications that link to D-Link cameras. You can post a link/description of the application on the following thread so others members may benefit D-Link Network Cameras - Third Party Applications to Monitor Video

I also encourage you to re-post your question on the general camera board as other members use that board to ask/answer questions about integrating third party apps with D-Link cameras DCS Series Network Cameras


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