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ShareCenter - Critical Notices

[*][07/19/2014] DNS ShareCenter - D-Link DDNS Service Upgrade Notification by Dyn.com
[*][04/21/2014] DNS ShareCenter - Heartbleed Bug Update - mydlink, ShareCenters, NVRs
[*][04/11/2014] DNS ShareCenter - OpenSSL Security Vulnerability - aka. "Heartbleed Bug"
[*][02/26/2014] DNS ShareCenter - IE11 Not Fully Compatible with All ShareCenter Functionality
[*][02/20/2014] DNS ShareCenter - Rules for Device Association with Regional mydlink.com Accounts


ShareCenter - Download Links and Support Contacts

[*]D-Link USA - Product FTP Site
[*]D-Link USA - Technical Support Website
[*]mydlink - Download Website
[*]D-Link Taiwan - Download Website
[*]D-Link Technical Support: 1-888-851-6464


ShareCenter - ShareCenter FAQ Searchable Index

[*]ShareCenter FAQ - Searchable Index     New!!!


ShareCenter - Add-On Application Support

[*]ShareCenter® Add-on Applications (DNS-320L, DNS-325, DNS-327L, DNS-345)    New!!!
[*]ShareCenter - Add-On Applications (Searchable Index)    New!!!


ShareCenter - Configuration FAQ

[*]DNS ShareCenter - Password Reset
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Restoring Factory Default Settings
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Configuration Settings File
[*]DNS ShareCenter - How to Upgrade ShareCenter Firmware
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Should I Use DHCP, Static IP, or Reserved IP Address?     Hot Topic!
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Mapping a DNS ShareCenter Device (IP vs. Volume Name)
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Can a ShareCenter Accept a HDD Formatted On A PC?
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Use My Surveillance & Surveillance Center w/ New D-Link Camera Models     New!!!


ShareCenter - Best Practices

[*]DNS ShareCenter - Data Backup Versus Redundancy     Hot Topic!
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Test Your New ShareCenter Before Storing Live Data
[*]DNS ShareCenter - RAID-1 is NOT a Backup     Hot Topic!
[*]DNS-343/345 - RAID-5 is NOT a Backup


ShareCenter - General Information FAQ

[*]DNS ShareCenter - Available Add-On Applications     New!!!
[*]DNS ShareCenter - D-Link Cloud Camera Live Feed Bandwidth and Video Storage Calculator
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Product Emulators
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Why Have Multiple Hardware Versions for the Same Model?
[*]DNS ShareCenter - What Hardware Version is my ShareCenter?
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Does D-Link Fix Issues Posted by Members in this Forum?
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Fonz Fun_Plug (FFP)
[*]DNS-321/323 - Alternative Firmware - Alt-F     New!!!


ShareCenter - Troubleshooting & Recovery FAQ

[*]DNS ShareCenter - Data Recovery (Windows PC)
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Can I Install a ShareCenter Hard Drive in my Windows PC?
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Troubleshooting a Bad HDD
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Is My ShareCenter Supported on mydlink?
[*]DNS-32X - I'm Using RAID-1 and Volume_2 is Missing


ShareCenter - RAID Types & Definitions FAQ

[*]DNS ShareCenter - RAID Resizing
[*]DNS ShareCenter - Total Usable Storage Space
[*]DNS ShareCenter - AFT (Advanced Format Technology) Hard Drive Support
[*]DNS-323 - Maximum Size HDD and AFT (Advanced Format Technology) HDD Support
[*]DNS-320/325 - My 3TB HDDs Only Show 1.96 TB Usable Storage Space


D-Link Forum FAQ

[*]D-Link Forum - Adding Screenshots In A Post
[*]D-Link Forum - Improve Your Forum Experience - Show Most Recent Posts First


Read Me

[*]Visit the ShareCenter FAQ board for additional ShareCenter FAQs
[*]D-Link typically escalates issues for resolution based on the volume of calls received through the official D-Link support desk. If D-Link receives a large number of calls pertaining to the same issue, that issue is more likely to be escalated as a problem for investigation and resolution. To raise awareness, forum members are encouraged to call the toll free D-Link support desk to report their issue: 1-888-851-6464


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