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My 942L doesn't send email

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Hi to all and thanks in advance.

I can't find the proper configuration to enable my 942 to send emails.

I followed instructions found on this forum but it continues to not work.

Here are the details:
Firmware: 1.22
Recipient E-mail Address: my_not_gmail_address
Smtp Mail Server:
Port: 465
Password: my gmail password
Sender Email address:

When I press test button, it shows me this message: "Send a test mail failure". No other details.  :(

I also tried the following steps:
- change the port to 587
- use my_mail (without @gmail) as username
- change the SSL-TLS option to STARTTLS

None of these worked.

I tried to use the ftp function to see if the camera reaches Internet and it worked, so the camera is correctly configured to access internet.

Any suggest?

Thanks, thanks, thanks.


I had even try with the hotmail settings ( and my account).

Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

It would be great if it showed what is the error during sending mail!
Host unreachable? Wrong authentication? Permission denied? Or whatever it is...

Even in the camera log, it doesn't show anything. Only that it failed.  :(

DLINK, if you're hearing this, put the errors in the log, thanks!  :-* ;)

So far I haven't hear of a single person that managed to get the email feature working as advertized by D-Link.
I read some reviews, including the one at smallnetbuilder, that guy said the same thing, he never got any emails from the camera, no matter how he set it up.


--- Quote from: crocodile69 on February 14, 2014, 03:24:11 AM ---So far I haven't hear of a single person that managed to get the email feature working as advertized by D-Link.
--- End quote ---

I have three DCS-942L cameras set up to send e-mails, and I have no problems.  I have cable service and the cable company's SMTP server allows relaying through their server with no username and password, and no SSL.  This is admittedly simpler than what you are trying to do, but I'm just pointing out that the e-mail can work.  The folks who manage to get it to work don't post on forums saying as much :).

Does your ISP offer an SMTP gateway?  You might try that instead of sending through gmail.

Thanks Belvedere!

Yesterday I did exactly what you have suggested now.

It worked! And it continues to work.
I was waiting to be sure enough that the configuration works.

Considering that you too confirm this approach, I could be sure that it will continue to work.

So, as you have written, my configuration is:
Smtp server: my ISP smtp
Username: (blank)
Password: (blank)
Use SSL: none

So simple!  ;)


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