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Does anyone know the date at which d-link will no longer support the DSN 5410-10? 

and what are people replacing it with?


D-Link's support site does not indicate an EOL date. It looks like the last firmware release is dated March 2012. You can try calling D-Link technical support. Unfortunately, I only have the consumer toll free number on hand, perhaps they can provide a date: D-Link Technical Support: 1-888-851-6464

When I purchase the unit, it was because it had a Online-Online feature to it, which after purchase it was confirmed that that was a feature that didn't get developed.

When I tried to renew my service agreement, I was informed that the unit was no longer being made or available, or produced, and that d-link would not be putting forth service contracts on the unit.

if you needed a board or something proprietary to the unit, you're out of luck.

if this policy has changed, I would love to hear it, I'll throw money to get another 3 years out of it...

I reached out to my contact at D-Link USA who assured me that the DSN-5410-10 is not EOL in the United States. Would you please elaborate on where you received this information? i.e. is there a specific phone number, department, or individual you spoke/corresponded with?

D-Link Canada.
and if you look at the webpage on the DSN, it also states (the US page) no support after 2016.
I have tried to purchase extended (as my warranty will expire in a week) support for this unit, and was told that it is not an option. (In Canada at least). 

I love the unit, I just wish more would be done with it.  I will say that the support issues I have had that they went out of their way to resolve for me, all the rest of our networking equipment is all D-link which is why we went with their SAN, only to be told shortly after we got it that there was no online/online configuration, and no updates for it as promise was sold off to a competitor.


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