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DUB-H7 Windows 8.1 connection issues

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Ever since the upgrade to 8.1 I've been having driver issues where by if a driver is needed at a specific point such as accessing the key bind config in a game or opening a setting panel for device such as my surround sound the device connection tone will sound any give amount of times ending with either the connection or disconnection tone regardless to either the device is connected or not. I've learnt to live with this until now were every time I try to edit the custom key binds I've set in some games, the keyboard will disconnect then reconnect causing the binds to reset to default which has become very annoying. This is happening across most devices with the exception of external disks and has not seemed to be affecting any USB connected devices except for the surround sound. So far I'm effected by the keyboard, surround sound, track pad, HDMI and mini display port displays, GPU, game controllers and Bluetooth devices. I've updated all devices to their current versions and ran various windows detection and troubleshooting helpers and nothing has identified the issue. This issue did not plague me on Windows 8 and downgrading is not an option I want to undertake.

After recently re-installing Windows 8 > Updates > 8.1 I discovered that with the absence of my DUB H-7 that I wasn't having any connection issues which has lead me to the conclusion that the hub is responsible. I've tested my devices via the usb ports on my mac mini with the same devices that are connected to the hub (external sound card, 360 controller receiver, Bluetooth mouse receiver) and all work perfectly fine until the hub itself is connected. Is there a way to update the firmware on the device or updated drivers available?

Usually Hubs don't have any form of FW as they are set and developed on the USB spec which doesn't have any requirements for drivers on HUBS. It's possible that with the Advent of Windows 8, MS might have changed something on there side that is preventing normal connections from with with this HUB and Windows 8. This unit has the 2.0 standard and not any 3.0 standards. Be sure that all your devices are 2.0 compliant and or back wards compatible.

You might try a different USB hub as well. Take this HUB to a friends or families place and test out on a different platform and devices, try Windows 7 or XP.

If it's still failing, you'll need to phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask them for help and information on this.

This hub worked fine under windows 8 and it wasn't until 8.1 when the connection issues started. t's connected to backward compatible usb3 port.

I would presume something in Window 8.1 vs 8.0 is the issue here...

It's giving me more issues than ever before now. When I run Grid 2, in normal, compatibility and as admin, the device connection tone rings non-stop every few seconds and it continues to ring when ever most software is started (Steam, Origin, iTunes). The seems to be no issues what so ever when any of my devices are connected directly to the mac USB ports, only when the DUB-H7 is connected.


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