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This thread is in regards to what users of the DGL-5500 would like to request DLink to review and consider adding features to the routers FW and operation. Also this thread includes any reports of bugs that are re-producible, that should be reviewed by DLink seen by us users. Please be detailed, concise and tactful when posting the requests and bug details.

Do not arbitrarily post defects or bugs here. Before reporting concerns about defects or bugs, please ensure that troubleshooting of the problem has been thoroughly completed before posting a problem about defects. Not all issues are a defect or bug related. Let other users help you troubleshoot the problem first before posting here. Non-related posts will be removed and moved to the correct forum.

Demanding anything will not get us anything. There are no guarantees.

Please keep other subjects, topics and questions to other threads and posts. This thread is just a central list of Features and Bugs for review by D-Link.

If you like, you can PM me your list and details and I will had them to a list I've started here.  ;)

Example: 1. Add router web page timeout options. (Would help to disable this when working with users in making operations in a slow manor or for those who like to keep the routers page open there browsers for a long period of time.)

Example: 1. At 24 MAC entries it said "You cannot add more rules because the table is full. " Need to find out if this is a defect if other rules are not set up in the pool or if there is an actual feature limitation by design on setting up the amount of MAC entries you can have.

You cannot select 2 NTP-servers, not choose your own.

D-Link doesn't support any custom NTP on some model routers:

--- Quote from: svierkant on March 17, 2015, 05:45:28 AM ---You cannot select 2 NTP-servers, not choose your own.

--- End quote ---


Dir-850L have a router but want this router answer me the ping from wan, but I can not see it, if I can access and enable wan, but does not answer ping me and not where enable it.


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