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What to buy: DIR-506l or DIR-626l


To expand the wifi reach of my home network, I’m looking for an access point.
I have UTP cable available, so AP is best option for me.

I see D-link has a this nice AP: DIR-506l where I can also link a USB harddisk to make my multimedia easily available. However the cheapest I find this device in Belgium is 75 euro’s.

On the other hand, there is the DIR-626l… which I can buy at 25 euro’s… however this is a ROUTER and not an AP. Are there any disadvantages from buying this DIR-626l and transforming it a AP only? Will this work as smoothly as an ‘AP only’ would work?
Because if I understand well, this DIR-626l also has the USB capability and has furthermore a higher speed (N150 vs N300)

Any advise?


Bridge Mode vs Relay vs Acess Point (AP) / Routers vs Dedicated Access Points (AP)


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