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Reverting back to D-Link firmware


I successfully went from d-link factory firmware to dd-wrt firmware to address some of the stability issues with the DIR-632. All worked perfectly. But now I need to troubleshoot something ( issue with unblock-us) and need to go back to factory Dlink firmware.

I had thought a factory reset (button at back) would do it...but all it does is reset me back to original dd-wrt settings.  I loaded a the latest D-link firmware bin file as a firmware upload - no errors reported, but it didn't work. Still on dd-wtr.

I tried the steps here : ; and specifically the 30/30/30 on the reset button, but still resets it to dd-wtr.

If I cant get back to factory, I will need to ditch the unit, and look for another router, but I really wanted  to get the 632 back to factory. Is there really no way??


Can try this:
FW Update Process

If this fails, then I presume you'll need to refer to the WRT forums and support for help to get it back to Factory FW defaults.

Let us know how it goes.

Any status on this?  ???


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