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DIR-827 going Kaput? (DIY Mod For Heat Problem)

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I guess the wireless password was too long at 26 characters!

Since reducing the wireless password to about half of that I have no issues!

I will start turning back on IPV6 and such, but since it was just crashing last week with a recent factory reset and once I reduced the password length it ceased, I don't foresee any issues.

The software does say up to 38 characters but I guess no one has ever pushed that.

If anything changes I will post, otherwise I am good to go!


Thanks for sharing. Interesting how that many characters causes the router to mis-behave.

Enjoy.  ;)

Nope! My mistake! The Xbox 1 kid is home tonight and the DIR-827 is crashing again...... It actually crashed and bumped my Android to the high power 2.4Ghz A/P, once I forced the Android back to the 5Ghz DIR-827 again, the DIR-827 started crashing again(several times)......

Turned off the 5Ghz in the DIR-827 and not a problem since! I even moved the DIR-827 today to locate it away from all noise sources. I guess my 5GHZ is baked! Bummer, I really like that band. :'(

It made it through one California summer!

These new router just run so darn hot, before I bought my DIR-825 the router I had before that I had for years. If it was NOT for IPV6, I would resurrect my old Actiontec! Looking inside at the DIR-827, even if I wanted to go in and heat sink it to death I could NOT, no room.....

Too bad.

Were seeing some router crashing with the DGl-5500 with XB1. I'm wondering if there is something on the XB1 doing something. I'm not impressed but the XB1 networking. Worked with my friend in CA with his and the 868L. Were seeing both Wireless and wired LAN connections being connected at the same time...causing some NAT issues. We presumed that if the wired LAN connection is used, that the wireless should be disabled.

Was all good on the 360 and went to pot when he got the XB1.

You sure the 5Ghz is gone? Turn off all other devices and test with only one trusted 5Ghz device and see.

No, this has been going on before the XB1. He just puts a major load on it and maxes it out. It did the same thing with the Slim but I thought it was my NIC card acting up.

It it had not been going on for so long, I would say it was the android.

I will try my laptop with the 5Ghz tomorrow or later on tonight.

I will get back in a couple of days.

BTW, the XB1 is wired!


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