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DIR-827 going Kaput? (DIY Mod For Heat Problem)

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Well it appears 5 months out of warranty my DIR-827 is having trouble. Maybe someone has ran into this, maybe time for a new router...... :'(

Running the current firmware(1.04). The router works fine until I turn on the WIFI. I recently did a full factory reset of the router and started turning things on one at a time over the last few days, when I turn the 5Ghz WIFI ON, the router starts crashing and restarting. This crash restart cycle seems to be load dependent, if my kids are on the Xboxs or streaming a movie via Cat 6 I have seen the DIR-827 crash 5-6 times and reset in a half hour. If it is just me reading the news, it does not crash as much. Turn off the 5Ghz radio and you would never even know there is a problem. The problem has been going on for a while because I thought it was Win 8 so I switched back to Win 7 and even changed my NIC. That is when I noticed the lights on the router turning orange and then going back to blue like I was doing a power cycle. The logs indicate a reboot of the router but I can't figure out why it is doing it from reading the logs.

Being an Engineer I started wondering if the RF inside the box was causing it so I voided my warranty even further my installing antennas on the back of the DIR-827. The results, one killer WIFI range but the router crashes just as much. I did notice that this router runs HOT inside! A little too hot for my liking.

Being I have a high power 2.4Ghz access point that covers the entire house and then some, I just loose that super high speed 5Ghz, channel bonding 2.4Ghz where I live is impossible, too many people on 2.4Ghz and yes I could force it and walk on them, but that is just not right.......

I'm thinking a good ol California summer cooked it because this has been going on since May time frame.

1 more possibility, the 26 character WIFI password is too much for it. It seems me and my job became a focus of the Chinese hackers(I have had calls from 3 banks and an E-mail from Facebook saying you better button everything down, here is the IP's trying to get into your stuff.) And of course the spearfishing that goes along with it. I'm pretty sure I read this is only a connection password and the router changes it many times once the connection is made.

Any insight or similar circumstances?  

Any chance you could stick a laptop fan cooler under the router?

I presume a factory reset has been performed and ALL other WiFi APs and devices are disabled and tested with just one wireless device?

Try a simple 3 char PW.

Wondering if your 2.4Ghz AP could be a culprit injecting the surrounding are with RF...

The only user of 5 Ghz was my Android and my laptop, I hard wired the video streaming stuff a while back. I just did a reset of the android and also changed the password for the WIFI(the laptop has not been on the network in a couple of weeks). I am trying a much shorter password as suggested as we speak and I reset the logs too.

RF getting into the router though could be an issue, this setup is too far away and I am using directional antennas going the complete opposite direction. So for this issue I would rule that out.(good idea though)

The guy I purchased the mod kit from on Flea bay had fan and antenna kits, I just bought the antennas. Being the warranty is toast I will make a hole and mount a blower if need be. Frankenrouter!

So far we have been going for 20 minutes since the password change and no crash, I hear the kid using the Xbox 1 so I will go run some speed tests.

Current room temp is about 65F like last night.

Maybe the 26 character random number and the android was doing it, I will go watch some you tube and see if I can kill it.......... It does say I think 8-38 characters for the password in the router, but anytime Android enters the mix you can never tell.......

Keep us posted...

Both Xboxers went to work. So I will have to wait for a full load test(high packet rate).

I just finished watching several 4K test videos on my wired PC while doing speed tests on my Android. No crash and the router is pumping out major heat.

I will get back after a couple of days of beating on it, still kind of leaning towards a medium CPU fan. Then you just have to deal with the LA dust and grime.......


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