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Frequent disconnects

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Running Win 8.1 and DWA 131 I have to manually connect at boot up and I have frequent disconnects I have updated to the newest driver,
 Did not have this problem on 8

Might be something with Windows 8.1. Might call and ask D-Link support if there is any configuration issues.

What modes are you using on the main host router? Try Single G or N modes, then try Mixed G and N only.

I did this morning all they said there is no driver for Windows 8 at this time

I guess you'll need to wait for drivers or find a solution that has windows 8 drivers. I presume maybe all Mfrs are having to come up with Win 8 drivers for there current product lines.  ::)

One suggestion, you might go to RaLink or Broadcom and download the native drivers for the chipset that is on this model. I have the DWA 160 and had to use the RaLink drivers to install on my Mac due to OS compatibility issues. Works as a alternative solution. Curious if the 130 drivers could be compatible with 8.1.


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