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use snapshot in html page?


Hi -- I would like to use a snapshot from my DCS-931L in a web page. I have been doing this with a Foscam using a url (http://[[IPADDRESS]]/snapshot.cgi?user=visitor&pwd=visitor).

I see that I can use the URL http://[[IPADDRESS]]/image/jpeg.cgi to grab an image, but this doesn't work for me, because the it doesn't include the user and pwd.

Can anyone point me to a solution? I've looked through the postings, but haven't been able to find anything that seemed to apply.

Thanks for your help!

Solutions for displaying live D-Link network camera video on a personal website:

[*]DCS-9XXL - Embed Live Video Display on a User Created Website (Using iframes)
[*]DCS-9XXL - Display Live Video on a Personal Website


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