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Author Topic: DCS-5222L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes  (Read 18142 times)


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DCS-5222L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:02:36 AM »

DCS-5222L Cumulative Firmware Release Notes

DCS-5222L Rev A

Firmware: 1.12 - Date: xxx/xx/2014

  • TBD

Firmware: 1.11 - Date: 07/25/2013

  • [New Feature] Support 2-way audio for portal and App
  • [New Feature] Combine two firmware version into one firmware
  • [New Feature] Support Portuguese language
  • [New Feature] Change the SD recording video clip file format default setting from avi to mp4
  • [New Feature] Refine the available HTTP/RTSP/HTTPS port range and external HTTP/RTSP/HTTPS port range as 1~65535
  • [New Feature] Mydlink Agent: 2.0.17-b21
  • [New Feature] Support HTTPS [Support HTTPS Web Pages (not include Live Streaming); Support HTTPS Port and HTTPS External Port Setting; Certification management; WebUI for HTTPS connection (streaming keep on HTTP); Configure/control under HTTPS]
  • [New Feature] Support IPv6 (IPv6 certification, IPv6 live view)
  • [New Feature] Support ONVIF v2.2 [ONVIF Profile S Certification; Add Search Domain field for network setting; Add Set NTP Server from DHCP for NTP Sync; Frame rate support 6 fps]
  • [New Feature] Support AAC audio [RTSP with AAC; NIPCA Audio CGIs, /audio/ACAS-AAC.cgi]
  • [New Feature] Support .mp4 file format with AAC [SD recording; Video clip]
  • [New Feature] Support Apple HTTP Live Streaming
  • [New Feature] Support IP Filtering
  • [New Feature] Support Sound Detection
  • [New Feature] Support Schedule on Day/Night Mode
  • [New Feature] Support no separated file on SD recording trigger by motion
  • [Enhancement] Enhance NCSPlugin for live view [Windows, Mac OS X]
  • [Enhancement] Refine the DDNS timeout
  • [Enhancement] Refine the interval for Video Clip/Snapshot feature
  • [Enhancement] Refine the display order for SD management
  • [Enhancement] Refine the dwelling time of Day/Night mode switching
  • [Enhancement] Refine the available port setting as default port number and range from 1025 to 65535
  • [Bug Fix] Refine Day/Night mode switching judgment

Firmware: 1.10 - Date: 06/04/2013

  • [New Feature] Upgrade to UPnP v1.6.18
  • [New Feature] Mydlink Agent: 2.0.17-B15
  • [Bug Fix] RTSP Authentication is default enable
  • [Bug Fix] Fix security vulnerability item CVE-2013-1602 from CoreSecurity.

Firmware: 1.01 - Date: 06/18/2012

  • [New Feature] Recompile and update Java Applet to resolve Norton AntiVirusís mis-judge as virus
  • [New Feature] Ignore wireless site survey SSID which authentication not support
  • [New Feature] Add PIR sensitivity option
  • [New Feature] Upgrade new mydlink agent to v2.0.15b11
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed web error when image setup UI under privacy mode
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed switch privacy mode lead to black screen

Firmware: 1.00 - Date: 03/01/2012

  • First Version

DCS-5222L Rev B

Firmware: 2.03b01 - Date: 01/06/2015

  • [Feature Request] Security Enhancements
  • [Feature Request] Korean Language Support
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where device would not default to English language when unsupporteed language was detected
  • [Bug Fix] Removed dactivated PSIA protocol that was causing conflicts
  • [Known Error] Due to updated security settings on Safari 8, users will need to change security to view camera on Safari 8

Firmware: 2.02b06 - Date: 11/13/2014

  • [Feature Request] Update agent to 2.0.18b09
  • [Feature Request] Add 50MB/30 sec Event on SD function
  • [Feature Request] Add 720P resolution for profile 2
  • [Feature Request] Add support for Motion detection, direct MJPEG decoding, and Privacy masks on non-IE browsers
  • [Feature Request] Add new DDNS selection
  • [Feature Request] Changed display model to DCS-5222L B (no number designator)
  • [Feature Request] Changed default timer from 60 to 90s
  • [Feature Request] Add Default UI language detection
  • [Feature Request] Updated Wi-fi drivers to comply with latest EU ECN 300 328 requirements
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where device add incorrect date and time suffix when emailing detection snapshots.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed various mydlink PTZ compatibility issues with iOS and DviewCam
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where ICR would open despite being over 30 lux
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed m-packet issues
  • [Bug Fix] Revised Helpful Hints for clarity

Firmware: 2.01b05 - Date: 05/12/2014

  • [Feature Request] Change Agent version to 2.0.17-b59
  • [Feature Request] Support 2-way audio on App
  • [Feature Request] Support playback on App
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the MP4 files cna't download from mydlinklite APP
  • [Bug Fix] No OSD date/time text on 480p live view in mydlink portal
  • [Bug Fix] The PTZ function goes opposite direction on mydlink portal/App/GUI if the "Flip"/"Mirror" option is enabled

Firmware: 2.00b05 - Date: 01/21/2014

  • First firmware release for new hardware version
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