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Are these compatible DSL-520B DIR-868L?

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CenturyLink should provide you with the DSL account information. Reason probably why you didn't use it maybe due to the fact that your modems were already set up by the tech and was input at that time. Call and ask them for this information. Possible that your DSL system may not need it. Ask for details and ask them if you use a bridged modem, do you need the PPPoE user name account information on the connected router.

Keep us posted.

I will, thank you again.  I'm sure you will be hearing from me soon.  After I get this set up, I'd like to use my DIR-655 to improve my moms signal.  I live close enough to her for her to catch my signal or course right now it is very weak and slow, I've set up range boosters, external antennas, etc. they haven't helped a whole lot.  We live in a rural area, I'm lucky to get 7 Mbps out of the 10 I pay for, on a good day.  We've got 3 laptops, 3 tablets, cell phones plus my sons Xbox and moms 2 laptops.  My son is steaming movies, chatting with friends, playing games, etc. all the time, I call him the "bandwidth hog", lol.

After you get it all set up, I recommend reviewing this to help manage some of the bandwidth, it's not a complete management tool however it will ensure that everyone gets a share of the bandwidth:
DIR-645/835/868L/865L/826L Gaming and QoS for XBL

You are a sweetheart!  Thank you!



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