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I'm disapointed. About MyDlink support for Dir-850 L

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I just exchanged my fresh bought Dir-826L for an Dir-850L to be able to eventually benefit from the AC standard, and it won't connect to my Mydlink account.  :(

Is there any plan to have this router be compatible with the service ?

I found the feature very useful.

Thank you !

Did you remove the prior router from the account then register the new one?


and in the DL-850 interface, in the mydlink section, there is the button to connect it, but notting happen when used.

I would recommend that you run thru the FW update process again with IE or FF and re-load v1.07 and see weather or not the mydlink option appears...

ok but the button is there. Sorry for the lacks of details. The first image I showed is the resulting screen after pressing the button.

Here is the look just before trying it.


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