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Prioritize video traffic on internal LAN

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Hi guys,

How can we configure the router to prioritize video traffic over other traffic but not on the wan interface, locally on the LAN. Because I have  a WD NAS drive (My Book live ) 3Tb wired to a Gigabyte LAN port and when any activities occurs on it, between the NAS and a wired latop on the router for example, or if I'm downloading something on a ipod touch, trough wd 2go app, the wireless traffic over the 5Ghz channel get saccaded. For example, when I'm watching a movie on my PS3 witch is connected on the 2.4Ghz band, and uses the DLNA protocol, wich is native to the WD NAS.

The QoS Section of the router web interface speak for WAN traffic only...

I would like the router to give priority to the video streaming traffic to the PS3.

Is it possible ?

Thank you !!

Install a external Gb network switch. Connect the devices that need priority management to the WAN to the router directly, those that don't need WAN connections a lot, connect to the switch. Works well. I do the same thing, connect my boxee box to my LAN side file server for movie streaming to the swtich, all game consoles connect directly to the router.

ok. but I don't play network video games on my PS3. I only use it to watch movies, either from the netflix app on the PS3, with no problems at all, or to watch movies which are on my file server through the media server DLNA functionnality.

Also, I would like to keep a wireless connection to my PS3 for physicals limitations here.

Well you should figure out a way to segregate what you have on wireless and how to connect to the NAS alone with doing any internet connections. You need to figure out what is more important, video streaming or downloading from internet. Wired connections shouldn't be interferring with the 5Ghz radio. Kind of depends on what you have connected to what. If your PS3 is wireless on 2.4Ghz, you may want to upgrade it to 5Ghz by the use of one of these, which ever is avail able in your region:
D-Link DAP 1360, 1513, 1522, 1525, 1533

What region are you located?

Then maybe use 2.4Ghz for normal internet and devices that can't use 5Ghz.

Wired LAN is always recommended for best performance however we all know that can't be always done.  :-\

Thank you very much for your help. To continue,

I would say that when I'm watching something on my TV ( from the PS3 DLNA connection wireless 2.4Ghz , from my file server witch is connected on a Gb lan port on the router), This become the absolute priority, to be able to watch TV without any lag, stops, etc...

When I'm not, any lagging from downloading, or backup between the laptop/NAS drive is not really an issue, it's not real time "issues" like watching TV.

I would like the wiresse DLNA connection to gain priority any time someone want to watch something over it, without having to any intervention on my laptop, routeurs, NAS device .. :P

I Live in Quebec, Canada.


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