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First kid on my block ...


...apparently, to buy a DCS-931L for testing.
    We used WPS for easy setup, changed to our preferred static IP address and port, added password ...
    then downloaded and installed firmware v1.01, smooth process
    then downloaded the Wizard and registered onto myDlink
    then downloaded the h264 plugin - MacOSX frustration, needs 10.7 or higher -
        but we edited the app package's contents/info.plist, modified it to 10.6, and it worked for me

Picture quality is the same B-movie soft-focus as the DCS-930L and DCS-932L.
Most of the camera setup is identical to the DCS-930L and DCS-932L.
SETUP differences include:
    EXTENDER is new - acts (optionally) as a wireless LAN range extender - and it works! at the entrance of my driveway, WiFi is 15-20 dB stronger compared with the main router signal
    VIDEO setup has new optional h.264 video encode type, and mjpeg/h.264 default view mode selection
    MOTION detection setup has scheduling:
        always, or opt-in each of the 7 weekdays, all with the same time window
    SOUND detection is new, and has a similar 7-day scheduling block,
        and has a display of sound level vs time to help in choosing a detection-level setting.
    MAIL adds scheduling of triggered video clip, with the familiar 7-day scheduling block,
        and video clip size (3MB max) and time (15 sec max) limits
    FTP adds scheduling, with the familiar 7-day scheduling block,
        and again video clip size (3MB max) and time (15 sec max) limits
MAINTENANCE differences include:
    Added OnScreenDisplay of time, in 6 colors; in upper right corner, nice

It's working, and ftp'ing images to the remote server (on the opposite coast of the U.S., so about 2 fps which is good). We hope this info is useful to some of you.

Only issue is, myDlink website is not giving the live video on Firefox; but it is working on Safari & Chrome.

Thanks for the review. I would only argue that (IMHO) the DCS-931L video/image quality is a few notches above the DCS-932L. This observation is purely subjective, but I feel the DCS-931L is sharper and less grainy than the DCS-932L.


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