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Problem with Seagate Ex HDD not recongizing!


I just got a brand new Seagate Backup Plus 3TB and tried to mount it on to my DIR-850L.
But my router won't recognize the Seagate Drive even thou Seagate is linked and powered on!
I even tried formatting the Drive to default settings by plugging it directly into my PC, but my router still doesn't detect it once plugged into it.

BTW, using 8GB Kingstone USB Drive work without any problem with DIR-850L.


* What Hardware version is your router? Look at sticker under router.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the routers web page under status.
* What region are you located?

What format did you use? Try FAT32 or NTFS.

You may be over the size limit that DIR series routers can support. Officially 500Gb is max that they support. There are some drive sizes 1Tb and 2Tb that seem to work.


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