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Is it broken?

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So I recently purchased a DIR-506L as I am in need of a wifi repeater and this seemed to tick all the boxes.

After a few attempts of setting the DIR-506L in to repeater mode, I just couldn't get it to work.  It would become unresponsive too.

I found that there was a newer firmware version which stated improvements to wireless modes so after a reset I attempted to do an upgrade of the firmware.

This was done through chrome, on windows 8, (yes; over ethernet cable) and it got stuck at 18% (in the chrome status bar not as a percent on the actual webpage).  After about an hour I came back and had no choice but to restart the device.

Now the device takes a few moments and then the lights respond in a strange way.  The USB is flashing and the internet light stays on.  however no connection can be made to the device via ethernet (and no access point is available).

I have tried holding reset on startup for various amounts of time, and I have tried holding reset after start up for various amounts of time.

Sounds dead right?  anyone know of a hidden recovery mode or such?



Try this:
Emergency Recovery Mode
Use FF to perform this.

Please follow this for doing any FW updates:
FW Update Process

If the recovery doesn't work or you can't get it back into a ready state, you'll need to phone contact D-Link support and get it into RMA.

Thank you for the reply, unfortunately after many attempts I am still unable to access the recovery mode.

I'll contact dlink, atleast I know I have attempted everything I could try.

Thanks again

Let us know how it goes.

Good Luck.

This might be too late.  But I recently ran into the same problems you did.

I followed the recovery procedure, unfortunately the recovery page wasn't there.

What I did was that I used an IP Scanner to find out what the router was broadcasting it's IP Address to be and logged on using that.  In my case it was 

Hope this can help anyone else that might run into this problem.


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