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Transmission and sabnzbd --- at the same time ???


Translated with google translate sorry


Transmission: Torrent CLient
Sabnzbd: Usenet client


I have my DNS 320L for some time and currently have about Funplug 0.7 .... Transmission run, which also works just fine

Now I would like to also have a "usenet" clients can run in the form of "sabnzbd" ... but not get it out (unfortunately I little Linux experience)

I have already installed the Debian squeeze pack .. it worked wonderfully and I could use "SABnzbd"

my problem .. by then of course went under the transmission Funplug no longer

one knows a solution how I can run both programs simultaneously on the DNS320L? ...

possibly can any one tell me whether you can install a torrent client on Debian Squeeze .. need not necessarily be transmission .. if there is something like rtorrent, and co torrentflux there would be no problem ..

had ever try to "optware" playing around .. but there, although I can install all sorts of programs (including sabnzbd and transmission) but somehow I could not start from a lack of know where ..

would be nice if a more knowledgeable and could help me ..

my goal is just a torrent and Usenet Clieneten to get on the same DNS320L .. however

Thank you .. greeting Dee

update 1.02 switch default dns-320l torrent client to transmission (I think its version 2.73), you can even use a remote gui to control it with just a few changes to a configuration file if you have fun-plug installed so you dont need anymore to install transmission in fun-plug or debian squeeze.

I can switch from the default D'link Client to Transmission torrent client without funplug ? .. how does it work

default torrent client _IS_ transmission, they just dont call it with its name and slightly modified it so it works with their web interface :)
if you want to use a standard transmission remote gui client you just need to modify  /mnt/HD/HD_a2/.systemfile/P2P/.settings/settings.json
search for "rpc_whitelist" and add your pc ip or your lan ip-range (for eg: "rpc_whitelist": ",192.168.0.*",  for the whole range) and you'll be able to access transmission at 9091 port (standard transmission web interface dont work, some file is missing).
mind that they modified so it will ignore any user/password settings to be able to work with their web interface so it coul become a slight security weakness in your lan.

thank you "NIXZERO" ------ it works  :)


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