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Aggregate the FiberPorts with a DGS-3627G


Dear fellow Dlink-Users,

I try to use the DGS-3627G as a CoreSwitch and would like to trunk/aggregate two DEM-311GT SFP modules in each switch.

I wonder, why I need to put the aggregated ports on the DES-1252 into a VLAN while the DGS-3627G does not request this configuration. I tried a little but my missing knowledge even locked me out of the DES-1252. At least it has got a reset button ;).

Does any fellow Dlink user has information about this trunking setup of the DES-1252? Do the VLAN-IDs need to conform on both ends?

Any suggestions will by gracefully read.


Martin Petersen

By searching this forum I learned that link aggregation and trunking has not to mean the same thing :).

I will work some more with the DES-1252.




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