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just ordered one!

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Getting it wendsday. $70.99 brand new from NewEgg! I could get it Tuesday but it goes from 2 day free to 1 day $21 so I'll wai hahha.  My first ac router but dont really need wireless only my phone optimus g pro has wireless ac. 

Kewl, keep us posted on how it does. I still like the little 826L.  ;D

Well so far I like the 826L a lot better. Ping is Terrible! with nothing going on 100% stock no setting changed Wired and wireless Stock shipping firmware and latest Ping on my 826l and even my DIR-601 is between 5 and 25ms. With this its around 60-70ms. So I think I got a dud!

And QOS is a pain. It has BOTH up and down QOS. I only want UPlink qos and nothing else. QOS does not seem to work either even with setting my QOS to half of my 2 meg upload to 1 meg it still uploads at the FULL 2 megs and ping goes up to almost 1,000

What FW version is loaded currently on the 850L?



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