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Wireless Channel select fails (bug?)

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My DIR-506L (FW 2.14EU) is connected in hot spot mode to internet. The Wi-Fi Hot Spot is at channel 9 and the D-Link also. Because the D-Link is now disturbing the signal of the hotspot I want to select another channel for the D-Link. No matter which channel I select or when I select the Auto Channel Scan function, the router is using that channel for about 2 seconds after it reboots (checked with Wifi Analyzer on Android device) and then reverts back to channel 9. When I return to the router settings the Auto Channel Scan check box is unchecked and the Wireless Channel option is back to 2.452 GHz - CH 9.

Further settings: B/G/N mode, channel width 20/40 Mhz
Changing to B/G mode or channel width 20 Mhz doesn't fix the problem

Is this a bug?


* Was a Factory Reset performed before and after any firmware updates?
* Was the router working before any firmware updates?
What browser are you using?
Try Opera or FF? If IE 8 or 9, set compatibility mode and test again.
Try turning off these features in Chrome:
Top right corner, little bars for options > Settings > Settings (on left) > Show advanced settings.
Uncheck these:
Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors
Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar
Predict network actions to improve page load performance
Enable phishing and malware protection

Thank you for responding.
Never performed a factory reset. Immediately after purchase I updated the firmware, because others reported serious problems with older firmware.
After several attemps to change wireless chanel I performed again a firmware upgrade. (without factory reset)

Browsers used:
Firefox and Opera on Asus Eeepad Transformer tablet
Firefox on Windows 7 laptop.

Furthermore I changed the D-Link to router mode. Then I was successfull to change the wireless channel. But after switching back to hotspot mode. The channel changed back to channel 9.

It's always recommended to set up the 506L out of the box and try the unit before doing any FW updates. These units work well out of the box and other reported problems could be localized or situational.

I recommend that you review this for doing any FW updates:
FW Update Process

Does the user manual state information about changing channels in Hot Spot mode?

I read the information on firmware upgrades. Now I performed a factory reset. Did again several new attempts to change channel in hot-spot mode, but behaviour of device did not change.

In the user manual there is no description on how to change channels in hot-spot mode.
Changing of channels is described in the section 'Manual Wireless Network Configuration' for the modes: router, access point and repeater.
The manual configuration of hot spot mode is done in the section 'Manual Internet Setup'.

I activated the hot-spot mode using the wizard and then manually tried to change channel using the 'Manual Wireless Network Configuration' in the router configuration.


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