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AC speed not much diff than N

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anyone have realistic example how much fster is AC compar to N in both 2.4 / 5 GHz.
I tested it last night, setting it up to be
PC wired gigabit to dir-850L,
laptop usb3, and dlink DWA-182 rev B adapter (usb 3 version),

laptop copying single file 2-5 GB in size from PC, only seeing speed max 25 MB/s translates to 200 mbps,
Same test using intel wireless 6205 on N 2.4GHz, max 21 MB/s on 5GHz about the same, my house have very little neighboring wifi.

This test is done in close proximity, like 2-3 meters.
Seen several AC router review, at the very least AC have speed like close to 300 mbps or more.
Granted all of AC router reviewed currently is higher-end one using broadcom chipset unlike dir-850l which is value tier using realtek chipsets.

Is it normal getting 200 mbps only on AC? rather disappointing didn't improve much compare to N.

What current FW version is loaded?
What wireless modes and security are you using?

Are other devices connected to the router and wifi while you performed this test?
Any 3rd party PC security or application SW running in the back ground during this test?

Was told that the differences could be dependent upon area conditions and that there could be some similarities between AC and N speeds when these conditions in the environment are encountered. Also distance plays a roll in this as well.

I was able to test my 868L and DWA-180 yesterday and was seeing 25MB on the UP and 30Mb on the Down for my set up. I didn't test 2.4Ghz yet. That was only on 5Ghz. Same room and at 9 feet distance.

FW is 1.7.
Very very close distance, as in an arm length.
It didn't passed 24 MB/s.
Guess its pretty normal for Realtek based AC router, case in point Edimax AC router review.

Have you tried putting more distance between the client and the router. The router is suppose to improve on signal with some distance as well. I think 24-30Mb is what I'm seeing on my 868L.


Are you seeing any similarities with your 850L as posted here?

Please let us know...


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