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Does the DIR-850L have Wireless Bridge Mode?

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I can't find any emulator for this router so I don't know if it has a wireless bridge mode. I'd like to use it as a Wireless AC bridge, repeating the signal from my router.

Is it possible?

I know Dlink has a bridge (DAP-1525) but it's only Wireless N.

It does not support any wireless bridging modes by looking at the user manual.

The DIR-865L/868L does.

More information and models that do can be found here:
Bridge Mode vs Relay vs Acess Point (AP) / Routers vs Dedicated Access Points (AP)

I'll get a DIR-865L. Thanks.

Kewl, Good router and works well in bridge mode. I have mine set up for an xbox down stairs connected to a DIR-868L.  ;D

See you over on the 865L forum if you need anything.  ;)


I'm looking forward to get the DGL5500 as well. Seems to be amazing. Have you tested it already?


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