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new 1.06 beta firmware

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not sure which region mine was, I bought it in Singapore.
D-link Singapore site don't have it listed on their support page.
It also not sold in pc store anywhere in the country beyond pc trade show where I bought it from.

Check online now for latest firmware version menu, direct me to for download of latest 1.07 firmware, file named: DIR850L_FW107WWb01_d6la.bin

Actual date on the firmware is: 06/21/2013 10:27:00
shown as version 1.07.

No major issues so far, will monitor for a few days, previously 5GHz band will stop working after sometime.

What region are you located.

Ya, that site is not accessible via any other means besides the routers so maybe they posted something there. Hope they will post it officially to the main web sites.


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