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Author Topic: Installation without PC 2  (Read 1779 times)


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Installation without PC 2
« on: August 05, 2014, 08:37:57 AM »

Admin locked this thread so I'll open a new one!  ???

I'm still REALLY interested to work through this installation! I am Swedish sitting in Spain with this camera and yesterday I called the Spanish dlink "soporte"! I don't speak Spanish and the guy who answered didn't speak a word English! I have even tried to call the Swedish support but they have a 0900 number (whatever that is) and it is unreachable from Spain!

@ djzoey  >:(

I have put a lot of effort in this wasting one of my 14 days vacation this summer (last day tomorrow) to try to set this camera up. In your world this might not be "any effort" but my vacation time is more important then to set up a camera from a company that say this is easy!

From the box with the camera in it:

Easy Install

1 insert CD
2 Run Wizard
3 connect

I've done this more times then I'd like to remember. The first thing that happens is that my light BLINKS green and is not steady green. No where in the instruction this is mentioned! Can I continue or can I not? And so on!

Unfortunately I have a Swedish phone number which means that even the "No habla inglese" cost me a couple of bucks. Even if the support would call me and walk me through this "EASY" installation the phone company would probably charge me more then what I paid for the camera.

Enjoy your summer



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Re: Installation without PC 2
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2014, 08:48:11 AM »

Dude, why are you fiddling with this on your vacation? Why not wait till your home and can sit down and get this figured out.

1. Enjoy your vacation, don't waste it. Some of us don't get much here so enjoy while you can. Stop, breath and enjoy.

2. Listen to the Mods on here and let them help you. You can even ask for remote connect help too. I'm sure someone can help you out via teamviewer.

3. When you get home, if still needed, get on the phone with Swedish D-Link support where there isn't a language barrier. I'm sure there will be someone there to help you out of all else fails.

4. Set connected and familiar to the Camera Web page UI. Connect it up to a host router and look connect with the IP address it gets from the router.

Everyone on the forums and at D-Link are professional and willing to help you. Just listen, let them help you and follow up. You'll get it going.

Enjoy your vacation for now man. I wish I was in Spain with you.  ;D
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