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New DIR-655 Rev A v1.37NA FW Released

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Get it here:

*Fixes Samsung Galaxy S4 problems.

Let us know how it works for you.

The update reset the router back to the defaults so be sure to do a configuration backup BEFORE using this update.  So far the update seems to be working.  My S4 has not disconnected for several hours.

Does anyone know what was modified to get it to work?

IT's always a default process when updating FW that the configuration gets blown away. Ya, always do a Save Configuration to File.

We know know what was changed. I presume it's all coding.

Glad it's working for you know. Enjoy.  ;)

Works for me.

Yah my GSY S4 is working again.. However my wife's iphone en ipad are having issues with this new fw..
Anybody else having the same?? :-[ :-[


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