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DCS-931L not working with DNR-322L


Just purchased both the DCS-931L and the Network Video Storage Device, DNR-322L.  Unfortunately I am unable to properly configure the DCS-931L to work with the DNR-322L.  I believe it is a firmware issue on the 322 as the 931 model, does not show up in the list on D-Link camera list on the 322.  Can anyone confirm this as well?

I have also come across some Australian and Russian Documentation that points to a 1.40 firmware release on the DNR-322L that would then support the DCS-931L

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The link to DNR-322L firmware version 1.40 is located here:

Thanks JavaLawyer, that fixed my issue.

Glad I could help.
Happy recording.... ;)

How is the DCS-931L working for you? Thus far, there are no posts from DCS-931L owners on this board.


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