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Why is there a 931L and a 933L but not a 932L?


This is maddening. I just got a 932L and proceeded to set it up on my Mac like the other six  930L that I have. The 930L setup wizard asked for an "updated" version. Fair enough, but this is where I keep ending up:


The wizards for 931L and 933L run but don't see the camera. The old wizard did but stopped.

Seems to me a sticky for finding the right setup wizard for your machine is a no brainer. There is the  DCS-932L - Resources sticky but somebody decided that the Taiwan Website Download page is too important not to be included.

For those 59 people who have viewed this thread but can't quite wait until 4th of July to get a reply from someone, here is the solution:

- Ditch the "Wizard". You don't need it.
- Connect the camera via ethernet to your router(Airport Extreme in my case) and look up camera's IP under DHCP clients.
- Type in the IP in the URL field of the browser, enter the default username and password for the camera.
- You will find yourself in camera's web configuration page. Turn on Wireless mode and select the base station.
- Now disconnect the camera from the router and wait a few seconds for the green light to come back on again. You are done. Reload the web page to confirm everything is working.



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