• December 12, 2019, 01:41:23 PM
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Author Topic: Reward: Can you help me solve permission problems when accessing from Windows?  (Read 1261 times)


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Hi all,

I bought the DNS-320L today for a small company who needed a NAS to host the database files for their invoicing application. Today it's hosted on a local PC thus allowing invoicing only from that computer. By moving it to the DNS-320L, the plan was to install the invoicing application on two-three PCs while the database is centralized and accessible from all computers.

I have created a simple network  share and allowed "ALL" to access (READ/WRITE). No local users or groups has been configured. I don't have any problem to map a local drive letter (P:) to the NAS. Trough Windows Explorer I can add and delete files without problem. The issue is this: When I install the invoicing application it asks me where the common database files are located. The letter P: is not visible as a valid drive (I think this is a bug in the application). So I enter the full path, e.g. \\\Share\ProgramData\Common
The installation continues and when done i see an error message stating that some of the files where not readable due to permission problems.

I use Windows Explorer, select the related folders and check the properties. I see that the the owner is Linux something (don't have the NAS here so I can't check). User "All" is included but it is not possible to check "Full access".

Is there anyone who know how to set FULL ACCESS permissions to a share on the DNS-320L so ALL USERS and applications in a Windows environment can access without any limitations?

I would be extremely grateful if you can help me solve the issue. I would happily pay 50 USD trough Paypal to the person who offers me a solutions that works ASAP.